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Dramatic smoothing for fine lines and wrinkles without trauma to the skin.

Imagine skin so soft, so smooth you can’t stop feeling it, touching it.  And it is yours.  Fine lines and roughness erased.  Deeper lines and folds softened, muted.  Skin firmer, tighter, lifted.  Complexion even, regular.  All in one day.  Your face is glowing, radiant, refreshed, rejuvenated.  This is what we love to create with our fractionated Lutronic® Laser Facial Rejuvenation.

Years ago, when lasers were first developed for facial rejuvenation they worked well, but they were definitely not easy.  Long, painful recoveries from what many described as the “blow torch” treatment was the price one had to pay for beautiful, laser rejuvenated skin.  But not anymore.  Research and advancements prevailed, and fractionated laser light was the key.  Fractionation technology gets us the dramatic smoothing for fine lines and wrinkles but with much less trauma/damage to the skin.  This results in a much more comfortable procedure, much less downtime, fewer risks, and a faster recovery.  The Lutronic Laser has proved itself to be at the top of the list of the best of the best for fractionated laser facial resurfacing/rejuvenation.

Laser Facial Rejuvenation Consultation

Before choosing Laser Facial Rejuvenation, you will have a private, in-depth consultation with Dr. Back, who has earned a reputation as one of the best Doctors for cosmetic procedures in South Jersey. After an examination, he will review with you everything you want and need to know, and together you will discuss your goals and his recommendations. All the details of the procedure will be reviewed, and you will also have ample time for questions. “Before & After” photos of our previous patients’ results are available to help new patients visualize the results of the reduction.

Laser Facial Rejuvenation Procedure

Special numbing techniques ensure your discomfort will be minimal; no anesthesia or IV is needed.  Your Lutronic Laser Facial Rejuvenation treatment will be completed for the entre face.  Special attention and focus with the laser are employed for your deeper lines and problem wrinkle areas.  In about an hour from the time you arrived, you are done, and a soothing, healing ointment is applied.  Ready to walk out the same way you walked in.

Laser Facial Rejuvenation Recovery

Recovery appearance is similar to that of a sunburn after a weekend at the shore (where you neglected to use your sunblock).  7 – 14 days for most to see essentially a full recovery.  A one-time laser treatment might be all that is needed to achieve great results and nice long-term improvements.  More typically, and especially for patients with more environmental damage, aging effects and deeper lines, optimal results will be best achieved with a series of treatments.

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If you are interested in Laser Facial Rejuvenation in Cherry Hill to give you clearer, more radiant skin that is smoother, softer, tighter, and firmer, call (856) 751-7550 or click here to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Back today.

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